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These shots were taken on a four day rail journey from Vancouver Canada to Toronto Canada on Via Rail's flagship train the "Canadian". We left Vancouver at 8:30 PM on Sept. 6th and arrived Toronto on Sept. 9th at 6:30 PM, nine hours late. The trip covered 2,775 rail miles. We passed through five Provinces during the trip. We traveled in Via's new deluxe service called Prestige Class, and though expensive, it was worth every penny. We crossed the Canadian Rockies to Jasper and then crossed the prairies. Reaching Ontario province we were in an area known as the Canadian Shield which is covered by numerous lakes, many of which are chronicled in the photographs. It is a stark change from the prairies and extremely scenic. I could do the trip again without hesitation and would highly recommend it. It is passenger rail travel at its finest and now only available in Canada as Amtrak, unfortunately, can't compare.