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In January of 2006 I retired from Amtrak after a 35 year railroad career as a locomotive engineer. I finished my career running CalTrain commuter trains as Amtrak was the contract operator. My last run was on a EMD-F40PH locomotive built by Morrison-Knudsen and Motive Power. Running back to San Francisco from Tamien station I ran from the 4024 Cab-Car, a bi-level commuter coach built by Nippon Sharyo. These are shots I took of the equipment on that last trip.
After arrival at Tamien station just South of San Jose..View from cab looking South toward Gilroy.Head end power control panel in locomotive cab.  A Cummins diesel engine in the rear of the locomotive provides electric power for the train.This panel in the locomotive cab controls many locomotive functions.View of locomotive cab where brakeman or assistant Engineer might sit if required.View of "control stand".  Engineer sits here and controls the operation of the train.View of "control stand".  Engineer sits here and controls the operation of the train.Behind the engineer's seat is a door leading to the engine room.Prime mover.Prime mover.Air compressor.  Provides air for the breaking system and other functions.Cummins diesel stand alone Head End Power generator which supplies electric power to the train.CalTrain 4021 Nippon Sharyo bi-level cab-car.  Engineer sits behind window at top left.View from engineer's seat in cab-car looking North.View of Engineer's control stand.  These controls are linked electrically to the locomotive so it can be operated from this control stand.Another view of the cab-car operator's area.Another view of the cab-car operator's area.