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I started a project some years back where I took front on shots of railroad equipment, mostly locomotives, and removed them from the background using the Pen Tool in Photoshop. I have a quite a few more shots I would like to apply the technique to when I get the time.
Pioneer ZephyrPioneer ZephyrAlco PA Locomotive - (NKP 190)Western Pacific 918-D EMD F7 - 1950Union Pacific 4-8-4 #844Heber Valley # 1813Central Pacific Jupiter #60 (Replica)Fruit Growers Supply Co. # 3 - A 1909 ClimaaxUnion Pacific # 9000Union Pacific "Big Boy" 4014Union Pacific "Big Boy" 4014Santa Fe # 664Santa Fe # 3450NKP Alco RSD-5 # 324Amtrak # 466 - EMD F59PHI Built In 1998Silver Solarium Vista DomeCumbres And Toltec # 484Rio Grande Scenic # 18D&RGW # 5771Rio Grande Scenic RR # 1100