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These photos were taken on a trip to Quebec City Canada and captured Sept 10 - 13, 2017. Quebec City, part of the Province of Quebec, has a heavy French influence and French is the predominant language. It is a very old city and the areas of Upper and Lower Old Town and the Walled City are rich in historical architecture. The other parts of the city, outside the historic areas mentioned, is modern and contemporary. This region is quite a contrast from Western Canada.
Chateau FrontenacDufferin Terrace and Governors PromenadeChateau Frontenac Roof DetailChateau Frontenac Main Entrance AreaChateau Frontenac Passageway DetailPassage Way To Street & Place d'Armes ParkHistorical Plaque On Chateau FrontenacCafe Behind Hotel On Saint Louis StreetSamuel-de-Champlain Monument On Dufferin TerraceDufferin Terrace AreaSalvador Dali "Space Elephant" Sculpture On Dufferin TerraceSpace ElephantMonument to the Faith in the Place d'Armes Park